And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.

2. Timothy 2, 2 NIV

At Ot Pa Wora we have a discipleshiptraining for Ugandans and Ugandan Pastoren. So the young population will have more good models in future.

We are supporting this training with some teachings.

We would like to have people from all over the world with us. As participants of “living with us”, they could become part of this intercultural training. That will be a big encouragement to our young Ugandan friends.

Let us:

  • growing together
  • experience how cultural borders get eleminated
  • together becoming more disciples  😉

Training <-> Program

We are calling our offer training instead of program. A program means a given structure and it is also for bigger groups.

Our training Starts, where we are and is reacting to the needs of the participants. For that reason the number of participants is limited to 12. we will be learners all together.

We want to learn from Jesus. On his journey with his disciples he was not performing a program, he has been training them. We have a lot to discover!

Next Start for international participants is November

Our Christmas-Special:  November – December – January – ?
we wanz to build an oben for Ot Pa Wora

Give us a Message, if you are interested or you have any question. Let us talk about! 😲