Tradition vs Kingdom-Culture

We are blessed with two Friends visiting us here in Otacpab. They are working in another place in Uganda.

For sharing our life we are sitting outside in our pavilon. While we are talking, David and Nelson are passing. Nelson is helping David in church.

As they See us, they came along and ist down with us. After some time David is telling, that they want to go for a prayer for a woman in the neighborhood. She is seriously sick.

“But now, we are not able to go, cause we have to greet you”, Nelson said. That means to stay for a longer time.

I asked them, what is more important? They looked at me, not sure about what I’m saying.

Is it more important to hold the rules of tradition or to be compassionate and go to serve the neighbor? The rules of the Kingdom of God, which Jesus taught his disciples, should be above all human made rules.

David and Nelson went to serve their neighbor.

Sunday! This neighbor is sitting in church for her very first time. She got heilet through that prayer and surrendered her life to Jesus.

The week after: The witchdoctors are a lot more active. In the direct neighborhood they are drumming and dancing to invite the people to take their service. They show clearly more presence. This can happen, when the Kingdom of God is about to spread.