Our Vision

We are dreaming to do an intercultural Discipleship Training in an rural area of Africa in a small African Village

It was coming up on a 14 hour drive from Zeu (Small Village at the border to Congo on 29th December 2014. It has been like a movie for Joerg.

On 01th January 2015 Joerg put all this impressions and pictures at a new website named “Father’s House Zeu”.

14 month later we left Germany in direction Uganda.

50 month after that 14 hour drive, our vision is getting concretely.

Through our move to “Otacpab” a Small African Village in Acholiland, the Vision has a place to grow.

The actual “living with us” and “Discipleshiptraining” do have the exactly same content like the first version 4 years ago.

“And I nearly lost this Vision on the way. That mad me deeply ashamed, when I got it. ? I’m writing this, to encourage you, to avoid the same mistige. Don’t let your Vision die and hold on your calling. Both is given to you from God. He wants to develop it together with you!” Jörg Kitgum, 15. März 2019