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As Missionaries on our way with Globe Mission we get no salary, all finances are donations from people like you. God will support us in all our needs. Sometimes he is using people to fulfill it. May be he is touching your heart? Here is what you need in this case. 🙂

We are searching for people, who want to invest in the future of young people in Uganda. They need hope and encouragement to live in this wonderful but poor country. It is possible to help us with:

  • donations
  • visit us for short or longer time and work with us
  • tell people about „Ot Pa Wora“
  • loans (6-10 years) to support more buildings in Abakadyak or Kitgum

Tax deductible donations are possible in 4 countries through Globemission:

(Please send us your address by mail, to get an donation receipt)


Evangelische Bank BLZ 520 604 10
BLZ 520 604 10
Kto. 400 2253
IBAN DE20 5206 0410 0004 0022 53
Reference: Nettelroth Projekt 115


Globe Mission
PostFinance AG
Postkonto: 40-753969-1
IBAN: CH56 0900 0000 4075 3969 1
Reference: Projekt Nettelroth GM 115

Untited Statesglobeint

Globemission International
Reference:Project Nettelroth GM 115

United Kingdomglobeint

Globe UK
Reference: Project Nettelroth GM 115


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