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Our Village Learning Centre (VLC) ( here in northern Uganda just before the border with South Sudan continues to develop and has a positive impact on the environment.

More and more neighbours are discovering that they themselves can change something about their situation.

David and Paul were able to find new instructors and operations will resume on January 31st. But it has become tight because the service has grown.

The children of the VLC have no room to play on the current site. This led to them tearing out unripe fruit, plundering an orange tree and… In other words, they caused a lot of damage.

Two years ago, David fenced off the neighboring property. The new latrines for the children have already been built on this property and the parents are in the process of laying stones for the construction of a building with four rooms on this site.

Here is the plan that emerged:

The whole area will be framed by eucalyptus trees. These are well suited to “break” the strong wind that exists here.

Our own property is opposite the gate (bottom left) On the left side outside the site is the borehole.

On the left side of the site is the VLC. It will be a rectangular building with 4 rooms next to each other. It has a pent roof made of sheet metal, 4 doors and 4 windows. Above it is then a sufficiently large area for playing. Adjacent latrines.

The large middle area is used to grow food for the Village Learning Centre.

On the right side is currently the house “6”. It is 4x4m in size and has a pent roof made of sheet metal. Charles lives there with his family, who is now back with David. The houses “1” to “5” are to be built in the same way to relax the employee situation here on the site. At the moment there is simply not enough space for Paul, the instructors, gardeners…

A desired goal of Ot Pa Wora is to live and grow together and to ensure as a big “family” that the children in VLC can become healthy personalities with radiance. They can do this when they discover the potential that God has placed in them. They can carry these changes into their families and beyond. This is so important in this traumatised part of Uganda. David currently manages to swim well against the current of religiosity, which is lived in almost all communities around. The children in VLC learn to live something different. So they are light in the darkness.

David wants to adapt the style of the buildings to the environment, i.e. not build ultra-modern buildings. That’s why he currently calculates with about 6.000, – €. Of course, with certain uncertainties in such plans in northern Uganda.

Almost half of them already exist. So David will definitely be able to start with the area for the learning centre. This is a great pleasure.

So we need at least another €3,000 to make this plan a reality. Perhaps we will write after a while, we can report that all the necessary funds have been collected. That would be…

You can support us:

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