Awesome! – Surprise at first Advent

it has been three weeks ago. Luxnote, a seller of used Notebook in a good quality, offered an advent surprise.

They wanted to spend 5 Laptops every advent to NGO’s. There was a emailadress you could apply for that.

Our Irene needs a laptop to go on with her training in sewing. Her trainer, a local tailor is not able to teach her more. We get known, she picke very quick from movies about sewing. Joerg was applying for a laptop.

Yesteday we got good news. The children of Abakadyak have been Chosen for the first 5 laptops. Awesome! GOD!

Thats fits to our plans and prayers, to find a way to teach our children there. We have not the calling to build a school and there is not the money to send the children. Also the schools around are not teaching in a good way.

We found a model from South Africa. We are thinking about to use this, to teach our children in smaller groups. It will be a kind of homeschooling. The focus of this program is developing a personality as disciple instead of pure knowledge transfer. Parts of the training is on DVD So laptops will help us.

to get the basic equipment we would need 2000,-€. Actually there is no money for that, but we have a wonderful CEO at our side. HE will provide what is needed. Actually we will want to prepare in beginning 2019 and are planning to start after our Europe-Tour with some training.

see the material at Oikos Family Ministry

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