Light and hope for Abakadyak

It has been one year and four days Ago, that David and his family moved from Bweyale to this empty place in Abakadyak.

Yesterday we could launch a community-building together with the growing church.

Celebrationday! We had a four hour service, with amazing testamonies, speeches from the local Government, dance and praise.

It ha been so beautiful.

We want you to get a small impression trough the pictures and the small movie.

A few things we get known through people from local government:

  • Abakadyak is a Parish out of 13 villages.
  • The Village Ot Pa Wora is settled, is the worth one related to alcohol.
  • The places around are manipulated by witch-doctors. It is like our place is surrounded.
  • Ot Pa Wora is the first church in Abakadyak. There is a lot of hope, that light and Hope will come to Abakadyak through this.
Pastor David with translator in our two language service
Lunchtime, we had:. goat, chicken, rice, pocho, casava, pees and beans.
some of the children during feast-meal
Petra speaking to a woman which is 100 in age. She is happy, living with us in future.
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