no dust anymore …

Together with Bosco and Francis, two brave young men, we started on 24th of December. The goal has been to avoid such pictures in future:

The young men did a great job. They have been working 24th, 26th, 28th, 30th und 31th December. It has been a very hard work, cause ther are so many different angles and corners. They have beeb pioneers, caus nobody here did somethinmg like this before.

Now nebody can see our warm grassthatched Roof from inside. It is getting colder during nighttime. All sounds are louder and our network-connection got more worth. But we are without the dust and can breethe much better …

A big step in quality of living! We are so thankful.

the second last day we have had the first accident during building in four years in Uganda. From the middle of the roof a sharp piece of ironsheet got out of control and went down. Directly in Joergs face.

A lot of blood, some scared workers, but God had commended his angels to take care of Joerg. A 2cm long cut in the lip and below ans a scratch at the arm has been all injuries. Petra was able to use a butterfly closure to close the wound.

Here some pictures out of this time …

ready to go …
take a relaxing view while resting a moment
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